Rail Live 2022
22nd - 23rd June 2022
‎Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, Warwickshire

2022 Off-Track Features

The British Transport Police (BTP) will be attending Rail Live to provide an insight into some of their specialist capabilities, showing how their officers and staff provide support to passengers and the rail industry. 

Officers from BTP’s armed policing team will be on site to showcase their specialist equipment and give an insight into how their protective security patrols enhance the railway environment. Their officers will stage a live demonstration of an incident showing the audience their range of skills.
The BTP Drone team will be attending show how their equipment supports the rail industry, reducing disruption and tackling crime. Their drone pilots will be providing a live demonstration of their equipment.
The BTP’s Citizens in Policing team will be able to talk visitors through their current public information campaigns, while also highlighting volunteering opportunities.

The Public Protection and Vulnerable people unit will be there to discuss how BTP are tackling violence against women and girls on the network. The Harm Reduction Team (HaRT) will also be highlighting how BTP is developing joint working and organisational learning to enhance its mental health provisions and services and to reduce number of people in crisis presenting on the railway.

COOMBES will be displaying their RRVs and bespoke attachments, and bringing along a selection of vegetation management and forestry equipment.


Dura Composites will have their range of ground-breaking composite solutions for the rail industry on display – including the d2 range of GRP height-adjustable station platforms, fire-rated canopy dagger boards, efficient-design driver hop ups, safety-first footbridge stair treads and landings and other unique patented products that can’t be found anywhere else.

Safer, stronger, faster and proven throughout the rail sector – Dura Composites d2 product range delivers the best performance-to-weight ratio, best fire-rating and best anti-slip durability in the industry, for maximum safety and efficiency.

With the price of traditional materials skyrocketing and supply shortages continuing to hamper project delivery, there’s never been a better time to embrace modern composites to help deliver Project SPEED’s aim of halving the time and reducing the cost of delivering critical infrastructure projects.


Pandrol will be back at Rail Live this year showing their new aluminothermic welding process and track equipment, whilst also sharing their expertise in track fastenings.

Expect live demonstrations of their clipping machines, High Flow Preheater, AutoSeal Moulds, and more!

SCCS will be bringing:

1) The IDS SRS Ballast Radar. This system allows the condition of the ballast to be surveyed at speeds up to 300 KM/h and then analysed using powerful software. The system can categorise moisture content, ballast fouling and even undulating topography, enabling improved track maintenance decision making, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

2) The Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate. A high definition mobile mapping system, allowing precise pointclouds and images to be captured at speeds up to 100 KM/h. Assets such as platforms, main and adjacent tracks, OLE and signals can be automatically extracted as well as 3D train clearances analysed against the existing infrastructure.

3) The Leica BLK247. The BLK247 provides an intelligent way to protect assets, infrastructure and people. By combining 3D LiDAR, thermal and video imagery with intelligent software, the system can tell difference between people, animals, trees moving, and even rain and debris blowing through the scene. This offers the next generation of smart surveillance and is already being deployed on rail networks around the globe.

At Rail Live this year you can find Groundforce & TPA exhibiting side by side on stand G8 with industry experts on hand to answer all of your questions.

Visit on the day to see a selection of lightweight shoring equipment, SmartShore and a variety of temporary access solutions across rail, land, and water.

At Rail Live, Tended will be conducting a live trackside demo of their high precision positioning technology, which allows you to create highly accurate exclusion zones that keep your workforce safe, with Unipart Rail.

They'll show you how you can alert your employees to centimetre accuracy when then they enter a geofenced zone. Until now, the only way to manage restriction zones has been with physical barriers or by using clunky technology that creates a basic radius around a single point. Come and view their demo at Rail Live 2022 to learn more and see how they're impacting rail safety.

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