Rail Live 2019
19–20 June 2019
Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire

2019 Live Demonstrations

In 2019, Exhibitors and Sponsors will be showing live demonstrations of their latest products and equipment.

Network Rail will display the Kirow crane - the only one in its fleet - in conjunction with a beam carrier and tilting wagon to show how the machines work together to position switches and crossings.

Network Rail's Ballast Cleaning System 3 will allow an appreciation of what the HOBC process involves - from cutting and cleaning the ballast to the removal of waste, delivery of new ballast, and the follow-up work of the tamper to reinstate the track to line speed.

See the New twin helix Excalibur Sleeper Bolt (Network Rail & London Underground approved) installed into hardwood sleepers using just a handheld ratchet spanner & battery powered impact wrench.

Excalibur Screwbolts:  Improving Rail Productivity, Reliability, Safety & Workforce Welfare. Benefits include HAVS, Manual Handling & COSHH. http://excaliburscrewbolts.com/

See Excalibur's brochure here.