Rail Live 2021
16th - 17th June 2021
‎Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire

2020 Demonstrations

Exhibitors and Sponsors showcase their latest products and equipment in live and static demonstrations. 

More demonstrations will be added weekly!


Visitors can meet Network Rail’s Air Operations team for a ground-based exhibit of the high-tech cameras and equipment they use to deliver, amongst other things, aerial surveys for their customers. This will include the helicopter-mounted cameras as well as visuals of the data pre- and post-processing for a better understanding of the ways it can be used to improve railway management and maintenance. It will also include a demonstration of Routeview. The team will also have a drone display and will be available to share more information.



Witness the Excalibur Sleeper Bolt being installed into hardwood timber sleeper using a battery powered impact wrench at a fraction of the time and effort required to fix current AS Screwspike


The Excalibur Timber Sleeper Bolt is typically 4 x faster to install with 5 x less effort than the traditional AS Screwspike and imposes minimal damage to sleeper on installation: See comparison speed of installation video below!



Associated workforce welfare benefits include reduced HAVS, Manual Handling & COSHH exposure.