19–20 June 2019
Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire

British Transport Police Demonstrations

British Transport Police (BTP) is the world’s oldest specialist railway police force. Since the early 19th century, we have been at the forefront of global transport policing and played a vital role in a growing rail industry.

Their mission is to help get people home every day safe, secure and on time.  They police the journeys of over 8 million people every day. In the last year alone, officers have dealt with more than 400 fatalities and made over 1,900 lifesaving interventions – in which a person is stopped from taking their own life - on the rail network.

BTP will be showcasing their range of specialist skills and giving you an insight into the unique world of railway policing.


Unattended items are a common occurrence, but how do you know if a misplaced bag is the result of an innocent lapse of concentration or something more sinister? This is where our Specialist Response Unit comes in.

They assess unattended packages, bags and substances such as unusual smells, powders, liquids and chemicals to determine whether the item can be cleared as lost property or whether additional specialist resources, such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal experts, are needed.

A quick and proportionate response to any potential threat not only protects the safety of passengers and staff, but also ensures that disruption to people’s journeys is minimised.

Members of the team will be on hand to showcase their specialist equipment and give an insight into the role of a specialist response officer.

The development of forensic science has played a huge part in modern policing, often providing the vital piece of the jigsaw needed to solve a crime. Our Scientific Support Unit plays a vital role in maximising opportunities to catch offenders and bring them before the courts.

To find out more about this fascinating world, check out the crime scene tent we will have on our stand to give you a glimpse into the tools and methods used in the recovery of forensic evidence from scenes of crimes and fatalities.

It takes years of experience and expertise to police a rail network that serves over 8 million passengers every day. Our Rail Advisory Service is all about sharing that wealth of knowledge to help grow developing railways across the globe. If you’re looking to access support and advice, and benefit from the expertise we have developed, come and have a chat with us.

Since their first deployment in February 2012, our armed officers have carried out thousands of station patrols. They help to deter, detect and disrupt a range of criminal activity, including terrorism, and their presence boosts security and enables us to respond quickly to incidents.
Our search dog section is the oldest of its kind in the country: our first four dogs - Airedale Terriers Jim, Vic, Mick and Ben - began patrolling Hull Docks in 1908! Since those first tentative paws on patrol more than 100 years ago, dogs have now become a common sight at British stations.
Whether ridding the streets of drugs or tackling terrorism by sniffing out explosives, their unique abilities have become increasingly valued in today’s climate and they provide a vital supporting role. As well as carrying out search duties, they can also track suspects from crime scenes, chase and detain offenders, and search for missing people. Retired Police Dog Mojo will be there to greet visitors along with serving police dogs and their handlers.
For Rail Live, our firearms and dogs units have teamed up to stage a live demonstration involving the detention of an armed person from a train.


From lifting the lid on the tactics used by thieves to giving victims the confidence to report unwanted sexual behaviour, our campaigns really make a difference. Our Citizens in Policing team will be on hand during Rail Live to talk visitors through our current campaigns while highlighting volunteering opportunities and the role of our Special Constabulary. 

Railway crossing safety will also be covered, with one of our mobile safety vehicles on site and opening its doors for visitors.

Working as part of the protestor removal team is a highly skilled discipline which requires officers to remove demonstrators who have locked or glued themselves to infrastructure or blocked a highway in protest to an event. Our team is trained in the use of mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and chemical tools to help them remove protestors.

We will be involved in a number of demonstrations during Rail Live, giving visitors the unique opportunity to witness at close quarters the tactics and skills used in safely removing locked-on protesters who may be blocking the railway, vehicles or a vulnerable site.

Formed almost 15 years ago, after protesters brought the Docklands Light Railway to a standstill in 2003, our policing at heights team continues to grow, both in numbers and technical ability. They are routinely used to carry out searches at height, body recovery or interventions with suicidal people in precarious places. They were also deployed to major incidents such as the London terror attacks of 2005, Drax power station - where 26 protesters locked themselves onto a coal train – and, more recently, the Manchester Arena terror attack, where the team recovered items from the ceiling and infrastructure of the building that would otherwise have been lost to the investigation.

During Rail Live, we will be demonstrating the skills needed to safely remove a protester who has trespassed onto a train roof.