Rail Live 2022
22nd - 23rd June 2022
‎Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre, Warwickshire

2021 Network Rail Features

Presentations in the Network Rail Village


Wednesday 16 June

11:30-11:45 Network Rail Design and Delivery

12:45-13:00 Research and Development Portfolio

The future of research, development and innovation for the railway

- Robert Ampomah, Chief Technology Officer - Network Rail

13:00-13:15 Intelligent Infrastructure

15:15-15:30 Network Rail Training

Modernising Training: Non-Technical Skills and Immersive Delivery

- Emma Lowe, programme manager for 21st Century Operations

Thursday 17 June

10:30-10:45 Intelligent Infrastructure

12:00-12:15 Overhead Conditioning Renewals

- Richard Edwards, Senior Programme Manager (Route Services)

- Mark Dobson, Programme Engineering Manager (Route Services)

12:30-12:45 Research and Development Portfolio

Introducing the AVA Bridge

- Janine Fountain, R&D Programme Manager- Network Rail

- Phil Webb, Managing Director-Walker Construction

- Noel Lovatt, Director, X-Treme Systems Ltd

13:00-13:15 Technical Services

Automation in Design and Testing of Future Control Command and Signalling Systems

- David Shipman, Innovations Engineering Manager



New Measurement Train (AKA, Flying Banana)

Flying Banana train, Network Rail

Network Rail’s New Measurement Train (NMT) monitors and records track condition information at speeds up to 125mph. It helps locate and identify faults before they become a safety issue or affect performance.

Affectionately known as the Flying Banana due to its distinctive yellow livery, the NMT is a unique, high-tech machine that Network Rail have been using for almost 15 years.

Equipped with the newest equipment, high-tech measurement systems, track scanners, and a high-resolution camera, this converted Intercity High Speed Train (HST) helps measure the condition of tracks.

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Sleepers and Redundant Assets 



The Network Rail Aggregates, Sleepers and Materials Recycling stand explained what happens to track materials once they are removed from the infrastructure. Our national recycling depots identifed where assets are suitable for reuse, these are then graded and can be recycled back into the network. Other materials which cannot be reused are sold externally with the revenue generated helping to fund the operation of the railway.

Network Rail Design Delivery Team & FLOW Bridge                                                                                  

On our stand we showcased our work across all our design disciplines with a focus on our specialist teams and how we apply the principles of SPEED to early stage design work. We also took to the Network Rail Village Stand and told you how our design work made the new FLOW Bridge a reality.

Network Rail Training designs, develops and delivers learning solutions that help our customers build their leadership and operational capability. We believe that excellent training and development, delivered locally and via our dedicated training centres, is the essential glue that enables Network Rail to put passengers and freight users first.

Guests visited the Network Rail Training stand and found out how we’re exploring new technology to enhance learning, investing in operations training, empowering our future leaders and provided opportunities for new graduates and apprentices to join the railway.


Intelligent Infrastructure – delivering the data-driven railway



Intelligent Infrastructure is Network Rail's digital asset performance management programme. We use technology to turn data into intelligent information so the frontline and supporting teams can work safely, smarter and seamlessly to deliver improved services for passengers and freight customers.

Our network includes 20,000 miles of track, including 30,000 bridges, tunnels, and viaducts; thousands of stations, level crossings, and signals and we also manage rail timetabling for all of the Network Rail infrastructure. 
By capturing and exploiting accurate data on the performance of railway assets, II will revolutionise the way Network Rail manages the network, shifting the business from traditional maintenance schedules to proactive predict and prevent regimes.

II will allow teams in the routes to gain clear evidence on where assets are, how they behave, how they degrade and when they are going to fail – allowing engineers to carry out the ‘right work, in the right place, at the right time.

Meet Network Rail's Air Operations

Air operations helicopter, Network Rail

Elsewhere on site at Rail Live, visitors met Network Rail’s Air Operations team for a ground-based demonstration of the high-tech cameras and equipment they use to deliver aerial surveys for their customers.

This included the helicopter-mounted cameras as well as visuals of the data pre- and post-processing for a better understanding of the ways it can be used to improve railway management and maintenance.

The team also brought a Drone for live demonstrations.

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Network Rail Technical Services


Welcome to Technical Services. We deliver specialist engineering, asset management, systems analysis, modelling and rail test development services. We work closely with the regions, routes, central functions and industry colleagues to improve the experience of our passengers and freight users.
The teams at Rail Live included:

  • Rail Test and Development,
  • Track Engineering & Innovation,
  • Signalling Innovations Group




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