Rail Live 2021
June 16th - 17th 2021
ā€ˇQuinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire

Network Rail Features

Industry infrastructure giant, Network Rail, will once again play a key role in Rail Live this summer.

With more to be revealed soon, here are just a few of the features confirmed so far that you can look forward to in June!

“We’re incredibly pleased to be returning to Rail Live this June after a year away. It’s a great opportunity for the entire rail industry to come together to reflect on one of the most challenging years we’ve had and it’s a platform to discuss how we can reset and rebuild together.”

 Andrew Haines, Chief Executive of Network Rail



New Measurement Train (AKA, Flying Banana)

Flying Banana train, Network Rail

Network Rail’s New Measurement Train (NMT) monitors and records track condition information at speeds up to 125mph. It helps locate and identify faults before they become a safety issue or affect performance.

Affectionately known as the Flying Banana due to its distinctive yellow livery, the NMT is a unique, high-tech machine that Network Rail have been using for almost 15 years.

Equipped with the newest equipment, high-tech measurement systems, track scanners, and a high-resolution camera, this converted Intercity High Speed Train (HST) helps measure the condition of tracks.

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yellow train, Network Rail

Stoneblowers restore the line and level of the track by correcting its vertical (height) and lateral (left or right) profile. To do this, first they measure the track to work out where it needs to be lifted to bring it level, and how much it needs to be moved side to side to ensure correct alignment.

They help to prevent the risk of trains derailing, and ensure smooth, comfortable journeys for passengers and freight trains. These machines generally work at night when no passenger trains are running.

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Meet Network Rail's Air Operations

Air operations helicopter, Network Rail

Elsewhere on site at Rail Live, visitors can meet Network Rail’s Air Operations team for a ground-based demonstration of the high-tech cameras and equipment they use to deliver aerial surveys for their customers.

This will include the helicopter-mounted cameras as well as visuals of the data pre- and post-processing for a better understanding of the ways it can be used to improve railway management and maintenance.

The team will also be looking to bring a Drone for live demonstrations.

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