Rail Live 2018
20–21 June 2018, Quinton Rail Technology Centre,
Warwickshire. Call 01733 468325

Live Demonstrations

Exhibitors and Sponsors will be showing live demonstrations of their latest products and equipment. Please revisit as we will be updating this page regularly with all all the demonstrations you will be able to see on or off the track.

Hilti will be demonstrating pandrol key removal using their TE1000 breaker and special insert (aiding safety and easy removal of clips).They will also be demonstrating  their unique rack circuit connection system (for signalling teams) easy installation with this approved Network Rail system and bonding cable installation using their GX & BX gas tools and special clips fixing into timber & steel sleepers.

They will also be showing their unique track circuit connection system ( for signalling teams ) easy installation with this approved Network Rail system bonding cable installation using their GX & BX gas tools and special clips fixing into timber & steel sleepers.


This year Hird will be hosting LIVE demonstrations of the Cold Hole Expansion CBX Kit (as specified by Network Rail and London Underground, available through Hird Rail as the distributor Worldwide). This is a process performed on a predrilled fishplate hole in the web of the rail. As a carefully selected oversized mandrel is hydraulically pulled through the hole it induces a zone of compressive residual stress immediately around its circumference. This process has been implemented to drastically improve the fatigue life of rail at the bolt hole and protect it from cracks occurring, this life enhancing method is specified on all new rail installed in the UK and can be undertaken on existing in-track bolt holes during maintenance of joints.

Over each day of Rail Live 2018 Thermit will be demonstrating two test weld per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These demonstrations will show the complete weld process, with various steps being enhanced with new innovation technologies developed by Goldschmidt Thermit group. Some of the welding technologies that will be showcased are the SMARTWELD ACE, an accelerated cooling device used to minimise the time between casting a weld and when it is ready to grind, and the SMARTWELD JET, an automated preheating device used to optimise the work process


AP Webb will be bringing a brand new ballast scraping machine

Railcare Sweden will be carrying out a ballast vacuum demonstration

Gentex will be focussing on the launch of the PureFlo 3000 range of powered respirators.


Jafco Tools Ltd have taken the original design concept for an e-clip removal tool, created by Roy Evans and Toby Keates of Network Rail and further developed it to create an efficient, fast, cost effective and innovative tool which has safety as a key design element. 

Mirage have developed a new method of rail welding using induction. The system is lighter enabling the use of light-weight RRV’s, power consumption is one quarter that of flash butt welding, almost nil emissions, and very safe to use with a very low risk of ignition to surrounding areas. The rail weld is a forged joint with adjustable rail consumption with bend strengths significantly higher than flash butt and aluminothermic welds. Mirage are set to raise the bar for rail welding cost, integrity and possession times for rail infrastructure. Come and visit us on Stand E55 at Rail-Live.


This year, High Speed 1 is exhibiting at Rail Live in partnership with NRHS and UKPN Services at stand W94.

NRHS will be demonstrating how Microsoft HoloLens headsets are used to project digital assets into the real world. This technology transforms any space into a low cost training environment for maintenance workers, improving training and reducing the amount of time spent on track. UKPN Services is exhibiting its 3D Laser scanners and will discuss how this technology is playing an important role in bringing existing assets into a BIM and Model environment.

For the first time in the UK Dualinventive will be demonstrating their new, modular and completely wireless ATWS 3000, which has been designed with ease of use and user flexibility in mind. Aiming to make warning systems more accessible, they have developed an interactive planning tool using our Cloud platform MTinfo 3000 to simplify the process, giving control back to the users, system control and paperwork is delivered to site via a mobile app.