Rail Live 2018
20–21 June 2018
Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire


Scott Parnell has taken the initiative to embrace products that provide both commercial and on-site benefits and that has started with ArcoSystem elevated trough. We are the sole suppliers in the UK of this innovative product that is the only elevated GRP trough that is Network Rail Approved to span 6m between fixings.

This has been proven time and time again to provide huge monetary savings on both installation time and labour costs. This is a further example of the different directions Scott Parnell Ltd drives market growth.

We will be showcasing our  brand new smaller Size Zero Range as well for Fibre and Telecom Cables.

There are more new products to be launched this year including a walkway system that will integrate directly with our ArcoSystem and our Touch Safe GRP Palisade fence system that will provide answers to the questions raised about the current offering regarding resistance to vandalism and strength.

At Rail Live 2018, HS1 Ltd will be celebrating the first decade of operations of High Speed 1 including the railway’s economic impact across Kent and the UK. HS1 Ltd will showcase the latest techniques and insights into asset and infrastructure management and profile the communities and people that have helped to make High Speed 1 a true UK rail success story.

At the show Peli will launch the innovative Peli™ 9600 LED lighting system. This new system of linkable lights offers a powerful output over a length of track, eliminating the problems of dark sections associated with other similar products.  The Peli™ 9600 has been developed in cooperation with rail industry professionals and is a rugged, versatile system, ideal for the tough conditions experienced in trackside maintenance.
The full range of Peli portable trackside lights will also be on display, many of which now feature an “intelligent control” panel.  Intelligent control adjusts the light output according to the length of light duration required, providing a real-time display.  The control panel can be set to the number of hours and minutes of light required and the unit will calculate and adjust the output.


Stanton Bonna is pleased to launch the innovative precast concrete MOFIX pile foundation, which can be used for various applications including overhead catenary poles, masts or noise barriers. The MOFIX is installed by method of drilling and its compact design means that little space is required, minimising disruption to any surrounding infrastructure. The units are delivered to site ready to install, meaning they can be laid very quickly and that the cost for in-situ steel and concrete materials is significantly reduced compared to traditional construction methods. The MOFIX system is proven on European rail networks and it is suitable for all types of ground, whether its soil, sand, clay or rock, with minimum impact on the environment.”



Gentex Europe will be launching a range of PureFlo respiratory protection products at Rail Live 2018, including both negative and positive pressure solutions.

The new PureFlo 3000 and ESM+ respirators both provide an innovative all-in-one solution for use in multiple environments including industry, welding, smelting and construction. With no trailing leads or hoses these respirators provide maximum comfort and protection for personnel working in challenging environments.

PureFlo 1000 Half & Full Face Masks

With a lightweight design and soft head cradle, the PureFlo 1000 range provides maximum comfort and protection for prolonged use. Available with a wide range of filters, the range has significant new features to enhance user protection and comfort.



PureFlo 3000

An innovative all-in-one respiratory PAPR system that provides respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection, with no trailing leads or hoses. The PF3000 range gives users maximum comfort combined with ease of use. An out of the box solution.



PureFlo ESM+

The new PureFlo ESM+ is the leading, self-contained, modular PAPR system from Gentex, providing an all-in-one solution, with no trailing leads or hoses.  Suitable for both light/medium & heavy industry.





MacRail is using Rail Live to launch their new flagship Rostering and Fatigue Risk Management system, Fatigue 360.
Join MacRail Systems at stand S30 to view their live interactive demo of Fatigue 360, the Fatigue and Risk Management Rostering tool that caters to the specific demands of Rail rostering. PCs can plan and send orders to Workforce Suppliers who can in turn plan their own rosters and accept work orders from PCs. Fatigue 360 gives a complete travel and fatigue plan for every worker on every shift, including booking accommodation and full adherence to the Life Saving Rules, to ensure commitments to worker safety are met at all times. Get live updates of actual times as workers sign in and planned fatigue becomes actual fatigue, enabling Managers to react appropriately in real-time to travel delays, overruns and early finishes.


ZÖLLNER UK Ltd provides Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS), Lookout Operated Warning Systems (LOWS) and other Systems such as Signal Control Warning Systems (SCWS) as well as support and training.

If a train approaches, the Autoprowa® system warns all people working on site. The failsafe concept, the automatic warning signal adjustment to the ambient noise and the easy handling are the main features of the Autoprowa system.

The principle of safety for today and tomorrow is followed in ZÖLLNER research and development. ZÖLLNER stands for effective, innovative, and reliable products. Satisfied customers in the UK, Europe and worldwide are the results of reliable quality.

At this year’s show we will be demonstrating our new radio ATWS products and the ZÖLLNER Individual Warning Device (ZIW) so please feel free to come along to Stand E17 and test out the equipment.

SPL and CPL Powerlines are delighted to be exhibiting at Rail Live once again presenting and demonstrating extended capabilities in design, supply and installation of overhead line electrification systems. As part of our presence we will be again be displaying a selection of specialist road rail vehicles selected from our extensive fleet together with design and product supply capabilities to highlight our strong capabilities.


Currently commissioned to deliver a number of major UK electrifications projects including the UK’s largest single electrification installation award, Midland Mainline Extension, key staff members will be on hand to answer questions and provide informative examples on how SPL / CPL Powerlines can design, deliver, install and provide reliable professional support services to deliver state of the art OLE systems meeting the demands of modern railways.


SPL Powerlines will additionally be exhibiting a number of new innovative OLE products including GRP masts and cantilevers designed to mitigate corrosion and lack of electrical bonding whilst offering a fresh and clean alternative to more traditional steel structures.


We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.



APPS UK will be launching Trackside Pira which will be more suitable for tunnel environments but which can also be operated from the track itself treating the dust issue at source.


Pro Rail Services will be launching several products at Rail Live:

  • Brand New – Pladdet Vacuum Suction Unit
  • Brand New – Doosan DX140 Parallel Offest RRV
  • Volvo FH Cheesewedge Crane Lorry
  • Chieftain RRV Trailer

SPL Powerlines will be exhibiting a number of new innovative OLE products including GRP masts and cantilevers designed to mitigate corrosion and lack of electrical bonding whilst offering a fresh and clean alternative to more traditional steel structures.

Gai-tronics will be promoting its new multi-purpose communication and control system, HUBBCOM, that serves all your control and internal/external communication needs.

The new Husqvarna K 1270 comes with the patented X-Torq® engine that contributes to lower emissions and low fuel consumption. This without losing its superior power among petrol driven power cutters. In short; an unbeatable combination. At the same time, Husqvarna introduces Husqvarna K 1270 Rail, with the same benefits. Husqvarna K 1270 and K 1270 Rail will eventually replace all Husqvarna K 1260 power cutters.

SilentRail® have developed a revolutionary rail coating that reduces rail noise & protects from damage.  Unwanted rail noise causes damage to both the ear and the surround fixture and fittings. SilentRails® engineered rail coating, prevents the rail from vibrating, which dramatically reduces the noise. The system also protects the rail from damage and reflects heat, preventing the rail from buckling.

Key Benefits:

  • Noise Reduction of up to 9dba.
  • Quick & efficient install onsite.
  • Bespoke design which allows the coating to be applied to any existing rail system.
  • Quick & efficient install onsite with minimal setup.
  • Life span of up to 30 years
  • Option for heat repelling pigment which prevents to the rail from bucking and welded joints from breaking.
  • Dampens vibration reducing noise and damaged.

GKD Technologies design, develop and produce height, slew and load safety control systems for Road Rail vehicles (RRV’s) and general construction equipment such as excavators. The company will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Rail Live exhibition 20–21 June 2018, Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire, showing the very latest in related technology.