Rail Live 2018
20–21 June 2018
Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire

New Rolling Stock


Class 769 Flex - Porterbrook

We are pleased to announce that a variant of the Class 319 electric multiple unit, which has been modified into a bi-mode will be on display at Rail Live 2018. The Class 319 electric multiple unit is a cost-effective, innovative solution to spread the benefits of electrification to non-electrified route. 

The 69 Flex Train is an innovative four car multiple unit, able to run as either a tri-mode electric train (on 25kV and 3rd rail routes), or as a self-powered train when on non-electrified routes. The 769 Flex trains are currently being supplied to Northern Rail, Arriva Trains Wales and Great Western Railway.



The D Train

Viva Rail will be displaying a battery version of the D-Train at Rail Live.


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