Rail Live 2024
19-20 June 2024
Porterbrook’s Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre

In the Network Rail Village

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For a full timetable of what's happening inside the Network Rail Village, check out the events programme:




Network Rail Village (zone K)


Main Marquee:

1. Sentinel


Sentinel is one of the rail industry's core safety systems, allowing users to check authority to work before going trackside. The Sentinel team are excited to be at Rail Live to meet our customers and users, answer any questions you have and to show off Sentinel’s digital makeover, the biggest enhancement to the system in 10 years! Drop by and take a look at the new user interface and find out how you can request and download your own virtual Sentinel card.


2. NR Training

We believe that excellent training and development is the essential glue that enables Network Rail to put passengers and freight users first.

Rail Live enables us to showcase the latest skills, leadership and professional development training on offer.

Pop by and learn more about the programmes we’re supporting in partnership with routes, regions and the wider industry, and the insights we’re creating to fuel how we think about learning now and in future control periods.


3. Research and Development team

The team are a focal point for research, development and innovation. At Rail Live they will be exhibiting a variety of innovative items including: the Felix Laser Robot, a high performance switch system (HPSS) points operating equipment demonstrator and a variety of smaller displays encompassing their current projects.


4. Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent Infrastructure is a digital transformation programme – helping Network Rail to improve asset management and to provide the basis for a ‘predict and prevent’ maintenance strategy - using apps and tools to take raw data and transform it into intelligence, to support effective decision making.

Visit us in the Network Rail village see what our tools can do, here’s a selection of demos on offer:

  • insight – the decision support app for frontline maintenance teams
  • StrEAMS – ‘Strategy, Engineering and Asset Management’ for drainage and lineside teams
  • Citadel – For operational property asset management

By the end of April 2024, we’ll have delivered 20 new apps and tools, helping colleagues to make the right decisions at the right time to provide improved services for passengers and our freight customers.


5. Commercial and Procurement

The team from Commercial and Procurement will be on hand to meet and speak with current and potential suppliers. So please come along with your queries and enquiries and find out more about what the team can do to help you.


6. SPEED Swift, Pragmatic and Efficient Enhancement Delivery.

  • To help us provide a better service for passengers and freight users, SPEED uses two principles:
  • To halve the time,
  • And slash the cost of project delivery.

SPEED is forging a path for the industry to adapt and meet these challenges head on. It will empower all of us in rail to be revolutionary in our thinking - to challenge how we do things and ask; how could we do this better? Meet representatives to discover more about progress to date and expected in future.


Network Rail’s Road Fleet

Come see the latest innovations to road fleet at Network Rail, where there will be a range of electric vehicles on display, as well as vehicle technologies such as telematics and the first use vehicle check app.

As Network Rail gears up to the transition, we’ll be reducing emissions and improving local air quality. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions about how fleet will develop over the coming years and how they’re currently being trialled across the network.


Track display viewing platform

The track work and equipment demonstration taking place on the tracks next to the Network Rail Village will include this viewing platform, providing a clear view of what’s taking place. Platform kindly provided by Headline Sponsor, Dura Composites.


Giant video screen

Showing content about the track demonstration, highlights of what’s taking place and providing an overview of what’s to see from Network Rail and where to find it at Rail Live 2023.


Wales and Western safety campaign vehicle

The W&W Safety Campaign Vehicle is a flexible communications vehicle which has can be used to act as a focal point for engaging people, one to one or in groups through use of its internal and external video screens, audio speakers or a human speaker. It has internal and external seating to enable a more comfortable engagement session. And it's got all the creature comforts of seats and a kettle!


‘Spot’ the Robodog

Exciting opportunity to come and see ‘Spot’ the Boston Dynamics Dog, developed in collaboration with Wolverhampton University. Spot is a dynamic sensing solution designed for unstructured and human-purposed environments.


LIVE DEMO - Scaffolding tower and Presentation on the big screen on recovering people working at height.

This follows on from last year's working at height collaboration with PASMA and Taziker (10 video's) - how to work at height safely. Prevention from falls is a well-known and controlled process. However, what is often overlooked is - if someone is working at height and there's an incident, how to get them back to earth safely.


ALO System Demos

Located next to a hill, the ALO machine will set up various virtual walls and demonstrating its slewing capabilities.


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