Rail Live 2024
19-20 June 2024
Porterbrook’s Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre

ROG & Stadler ‘Class 93’ Loco

Rail Operations Group Stadler Class 93


Rail Live is delighted to offer a venue for one of the new Class 93 tri-mode locomotives being built by Stadler for Rail Operations Group (ROG).

ROG has placed an order for ten of the Bo-Bo locomotives, each of which can run using 25kV AC overhead lines, or away from the catenary using a mixture of diesel and battery power.

When drawing power from the wires, the 110mph Class 93 can produce 5,400hp, while on non-electrified lines it can utilise both its 1,200hp Caterpillar C32 diesel engine and the 540hp supplied by its two Lithium Titantte Oxide traction battery packs.

A member of Stadler’s EuroDual family, the Class 93 is developed from the bi-mode Class 88 built for Direct Rail Services, which itself followed on from the Class 68 diesel-electric design.

Ordered under a framework agreement signed in 2021, the Class 93s are Stadler’s first tri-mode locomotives. The first was formally delivered to ROG in July last year.

Advantages of the Class 93 over the older Class 66 diesel that has become a UK ‘standard’ include lower weight and operating costs, and higher speed.

The Class 93 has been suggested as motive power for open access operator Grand Union Trains, while Stadler’s Class 99 electro-diesel Co-Co is on order for Beacon Rail/GB Railfreight.

The locomotive is to be displayed at Rail Live appears courtesy of ROG; it will be presented by Stadler.


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