Rail Live 2024
19-20 June 2024
Porterbrook’s Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre

Policy & Leadership Theatre Agenda

What will the future bring for the railway? There’s no better place to find out and be part of the discussion than Rail Live’s Policy & Leadership theatre. From Rail Minister Huw Merriman and the opposition’s Stephen Morgan to Network Rail CEO Andrew Haines and incoming HM Chief Inspector of Railways Richard Hines, those who understand the railways’ challenges will be here to offer unrivalled insight.

Day one topics:

1. Recruitment and Retention

Network Rail HR Director Pauline Holroyd joins others in discussing how the railway can attract a younger and more diverse workforce

2. Collaboration at SPEED

How have approaches to efficiency developed since 2021 – and how can suppliers work collaboratively in 2024-2029? Network Rail’s Programme Support Manager Mike Wright explains.

3. Building a bridge to GBR

A ‘fireside chat’ with GBR Transition Team Interim Lead Director Rufus Boyd on laying the groundwork for a simpler, better, railway in 2025 and beyond.

4. Reimagining rail's local transport role

Andrew Scott, GBR Transition Team Deputy Director of Regional Partnerships, explains how his organisation is working with devolution deal authorities towards a more strategic approach - and shaping the way for a ‘guiding mind’.

5. Safety on the railway

The Office of Rail and Road’s priorities for 2024/2025 are among topics in this session with both incoming HM Chief Inspector of Railways Richard Hines and RSSB Chief Operating Officer Johnny Schute.

6. Financing the future

Challenges and opportunities for both the public and private sectors – and how to exploit land value capture, with E-Rail Director George Hazel.

Day two topics:

1. Playing politics with the railway

Rail minister Huw Merriman returns to Rail Live to explain how the government intends to invest in railways and ensure a successful future - while in a separate presentation shadow minister Stephen Morgan gives the opposition view.

2. Freight Escape live

Network Rail’s Freight Escape team considers modal shift, long-distance freight and ‘last mile’ solutions, as well as barriers to rail freight and the advantages of urban consolidation centres.

3. A railway in crisis?

Our panel including West Coast Partnership Development MD Shamit Gaiger and Transport for the North Chief Executive Martin Tugwell consider rail’s opportunities – and a ‘roadmap’ for change.


Click here to download the full Rail Live agenda, including timings and speakers. 

09:30 –
  • Recruitment & retention: attracting new people to the railway

11:15 –
  • Building a bridge to GBR: rail’s relevance in 2025 and beyond

12:00 –
  • Reimagining the railway's role in the local transport ecosystem

13:15 –
  • Safety on the railway

14:15 –
  • Financing the future

10:00 –
  • Playing politics with the railway

11:00 –
  • Freight Escape Live: Accelerating the shift to rail

12:15 –
  • Rail Reform: securing a long-term and successful future for the railway

13:00 –
  • A railway in crisis...? Discuss

14:00 –
  • Playing politics with the railway - part 2