Rail Live 2024
19-20 June 2024
Porterbrook’s Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre

Hendy: NR staff can visit Rail Live as “part of their job”

Sir Peter HendyBack

Network Rail Chairman Sir Peter Hendy CBE (pictured) has told NR staff in a personal video message that they can attend Rail Live on June 22-23 (if they are available) as part of their job, without the need to take personal leave. 

“We will be exhibiting a range of teams and vehicles, and Wales & Western Region will be staging a live ballast renewal demonstration over both days of the show,” he said.

“This is a real development opportunity for staff, to widen their knowledge and understanding of the rail industry."

“So, because of that, I’m recommending that NR colleagues attend. And providing you’re available and your line manager agrees, you can attend Rail Live as part of your regular working week. I hope to see you there. I shall be there speaking on June 22 - find out more on the Rail Live site.”