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Network Rail Plant Awards 2019 and Rail Alliance Dinner


Network Rail Plant Awards 2019 and Rail Alliance Dinner at the Stratford Manor Hotel on the evening of Wednesday 19 June, 19.30 to 20.15  

Organised by the Rail Alliance on behalf of Network Rail, the evening is set to celebrate and recognise the success and achievements of outstanding companies in the rail plant supply chain who have demonstrated excellence in the delivery of products and services to the industry and will also bring together the rail industry for an evening of networking and fun. This year’s guest speaker is renowned ex England rugby union player and TV and radio pundit Brian Moore.  To book tickets to the dinner (£75 per head)– please go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rail-live-network-rail-plant-awards-2019-tickets-60539638689 (please note that places are limited and go very quickly!)



2019 Network Rail Plant Awards:

The Network Rail Plant Awards are now a major highlight of the event and offers suppliers and individuals a unique opportunity to be truly recognised against real and measured attributes of excellence.

The nomination process is pulled together from information gathered from three key sources:

•         A cross industry survey of the supplier and client organisations that utilise Rail PPS to offer forward their nominations

•         Specific nominations from many parts of the wider railway industry

•         Rail PPS, where we are able to qualify and measure specific areas of performance, delivery and behaviours

The final list of nominated companies are then validated by senior management through a review process. 


The award categories are:

1. Plant Safety Champion

Having a strong safety culture is Network Rails number one priority and one which is supported throughout the supply chain.  This award is to recognise the organisation that has collaborated with Network Rail to deliver and openly share operational solutions with plant that improves the safety of our workforce.

2. Share With Pride Champion

Within Network Rail we like to share our successes and failures so that others can benefit from the best way of doing something or the lessons we learn when something goes wrong.  We encourage our Suppliers to support this initiative which has generated some valuable insight into where further improvements can be made.

3. Best Supporting Organisation in 2017/18

We recognise how competitive the Supplier market is and the importance to deliver a strong customer focus.  This award recognises organisations which have built a reputation for supporting the Client working collaboratively to ensure the work gets done.

4.  Plant Engineer of the Year Award 2018/19

As with any organisation, positive outcomes are the result of team work however this award is to recognise where individuals really do make a difference in leading their teams to drive forward engineering performance.

5. Most Innovative Small Plant

Innovation drives continuous improvement but also carries investment risk and so this award is to recognise the value of new products supplied to the market that will deliver benefits in terms of reliability, safety and performance.

6. Most Innovative RRV Product

This award is dedicated to new products that offer a step change in performance and demonstrate tangible benefits in areas such as machine capability and work environment safety.

7. Continuous Improvement Award

By working closely with Plant Suppliers, the Plant Reliability Team has captured evidence where improvements are observed.  This award reflects the Supplier who is at the forefront of developing, implementing and then benefiting from improved equipment, people skills and procedures.

8. OTM supplier demonstrating operational excellence

Displays consistent strong delivery, support for difficult work and solutions developed, strong reliability and who drives continuous improvement.

9. Best Performing Small Plant Supplier

This award is to recognise the Supplier who has delivered the most reliable shift performance as measured by the Network Rail Plant Performance System.  The performance is also reflected in the consistent service level provided across the network and the level of engagement and contribution to deliver improved plant reliability through investment in plant, processes and skilled workforce.

10. Best Performing RRV Supplier

A key measure in determining the Supplier performance is the proportion of shifts where no failures occur. This builds confidence with Clients and develops a positive image for the Supplier.  Being able to measure this through the Network Rail Plant Performance System allows us to identify the top 3 performing Suppliers.


Please do not hesitate to contact Eli Rees-King, Rail Alliance at [email protected] for any additional information.